JavaScript Grid Features

VectorWorkz JavaScript Grid is a rich and interactive data bound grid ideal for visualizing all kinds of editable, tabular and hierarchical data.

Built using jQuery, VectorWorkz JavaScript Grid is readily compatible with all devices and modern browsers. This jQuery Plugin is also compatible with all common JS frameworks including Knockout.


Simple API

jQuery UI based API lets you configure the grid look and feel with templates and styles and simple, and intuitive plugin options and events to cater to all your customization needs.

Large Data Support

Built using Virtualization, the Grid can load thousands of rows of data lightning fast and scroll very smooth.

Interactive Column Headers

There is built in Sorting and Filtering options. Columns can be moved around, resized and can also be Shown/Hidden using the built in context menus.

Hierarchical Data

Hierarchical data can be easily shown in the grid with built in support to Expand/Collapse parent tasks.

Look And Feel

Fully templatized, fully customize the look and feel of the Grid. Or use one of several built-in themes already supported.

Inline Detail Template

Show Detail info for a row right below it, by simple clicking on a row or item within a row. Detail content is templatized and can show any rich content.