WPF GeoChart Package Features

VectorWorkz GeoChart let you build rich visualization of geographical data plotted over regions or specific locations in the GeoChart.

Build heat maps to visualize business performance by state or country, political data like election results, weather severity, etc. Or you can also visualize performance of specific office locations in the GeoChart using bubbles, etc.


Intuitive API

Fully MVVM API will make you feel very familiar with the way you databind your data with the GeoChart plugin and customize the look and feel using XAML templates.

Heat Maps

Easily setup Color Bindings between the GeoChart regions and your data to clearly distinguish regional data. Specify a custom multi-color range or let the GeoChart pick one automatically.

Markers Support

Define locations of interest in the base GeoChart and show bubble markers or even bar charts at those location in the runtime.

Link Lines

Connect Markers with lines to illustrate Airport Routes, Flight Status, related locations, etc.

Visual Map Tool

Use our built in tool to customize Marker Locations, Region settings, etc. in a GeoChart and reuse the JSON in your app.

Feature Rich

Selecting regions, clicking labels and markers, hover colors for regions, labels and markers are all supported. The built-in Tooltips can also be customized.

Exporting to Image is just a built-in button click away.

Fully Configurable

All default colors are fully customizable. Several events are also raised as the user interacts with the GeoChart to help you customize the behavior. Include labels in an image export, for better readability, for example.