We want to use VectorWorkz on a single site, but there are 3 developers who will be working on it. What license is suitable for me?

If this is in a site for non-paying customers, you just need a single Website+ license.

If your customers are paying a fee, you need a SaaS license. Please contact Sales.

How long can I use the product for when I purchase a license?

You can use the product perpetually, adhering to the licensing terms. To obtain Support, Bug Fixes and New Releases, you need a valid Subscription.

Can I get Technical Support?

Yes, absolutely. You can get Technical Support for free for 1 Year when you purchase the product and continue to get Support after that when you renew your Subscription.

Why do I need a Subscription?

All new license purchases come with one Full Year of Subscription. When you are Subscribed you can get Technical Support, Bug Fixes and access to New Releases.

You can renew the Subscription annually.

Does the license vary based on the number of page views?

No, licensing is independent of the number of page views. It does vary based on whether your users pay a fee (you need an SaaS license) or not.

How do we get Support for your products?

You can get Support through our Forums or by emailing our Support.